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Product details of TLP521-4 TLP521 Quad PhotoCoupler OptoCoupler DIP-16
An OptoCoupler (also called optoisolator) is a semiconductor device that allows an electrical signal to be transmitted between two isolated circuits. Two parts are used in an OptoCoupler: an LED that emits infrared light and a photosensitive device that detects light from the LED. Both parts are contained within a black box with pins for connectivity. The input circuit takes the incoming signal, whether the signal is AC or DC, and uses the signal to turn on the LED.

Specification of TLP521-4 TLP521 Quad PhotoCoupler OptoCoupler DIP-16
Model Number: TLP521-4
Type: OptoCoupler
Operating Temperature: - 25 C+ 85 C
Mounting Type: Surface mounting
Applications: OptoCoupler IC
Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Typ): 1.3 V
Current - DC Forward (If) (Max): 16 mA
Output Type: NPN Phototransistor
Insulation voltage: 2500 VRMs
Maximum collector: 0.4V

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