Exercise equipment is made up of unique parts, such as cabling, pulleys, and bolts. Just like other types of machinery, these pieces require maintenance and service on periodic basis for long life. For a detailed cleaning and service of Treadmill or any other Gym equipment, it requires plenty of special tools and hands on experience. We have a team of professional engineer having years of experience and well-equipped lab to disassemble and reassemble a machine.

We can provide service in following fields
•    Treadmills
•    Rowing Machines
•    Elliptical Trainers,
•    Weight Benches
•    Home Gyms
•    Spin Bikes
•    Stair Climbers
•    Power Rigs & Racks
•    Strength equipment (Multi and Single Station)

Checking and visits charges 500/-

Please call us at 0301-5158381 or email [email protected]