Reed Switch Sensors

Reed switch characteristics and application:

1. The pipe structure of the dry-reed compact, small weight, can be installed in an extremely limited space, very suitable for miniaturization of devices.
2. Dry reed switch components airtight seal in an inert gas atmosphere, never in contact with the external environment, long working life.
3. The dry-reed does not use the sliding element, so does not appear in all the metal downgrade related phenomenon of metal fatigue, and to ensure that virtually no limit mechanical life.
4. reed switches in mobile phones, PABX, photocopiers, washing machines, refrigerators, cameras, Disinfection cabinet, door, window magnetic, electromagnetic relay, electronic weighing, level gauge, gas meter, water meter, etc. a very good application.

The Note:

1. Shear or bending reed lead foot must be extremely careful to avoid placing undue stress leaving glass - metal seal damage. Appropriate clamping tool must be used
2. Encountered temperature and exposure time is too long may cause the glass - metal seal damage (cracking, leakage, etc.), and therefore must be fast and reliable welding technology (process). The proposed welding conditions: 280 ~ 300 ° C, hand soldering, wave soldering, 250 to 300 ° C.

3 Pin Magnetic Reed Sensor 14x2.5mm Normally Open
3 Pin Magnetic Reed Sensor 14x2.5mm Normally Open..
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Reed Sensor (30x2.8mm)
Reed Sensor (30x2.8mm) ..
Reed Sensor Magnetic induction switch (14x2mm)
Reed Sensor Magnetic induction switch (14x2mm) Specification Glass Length:   ..
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Reed Sensor MARR-5 (20x2.3mm)
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