Trimmer Capacitors

A trimmer capacitors basically is a variable capacitor whose capacitance may be intentionally and repeatedly changed mechanically or electronically. Trimmer are often used in L/C circuits to set the resonance frequency, e.g. to tune a radio, or as a variable reactance, e.g. for impedance matching in antenna tuners. This is normally in pf values.

EVE-eVision Electronics has large range of trimmers capacitors also known variable capacitors.

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Adjustable White Trimmer Capacitor
3-11pf, 100v ..
Out of stock
Adjustable Yellow Trimmer Capacitor (6.8-45pf)
6.8-45pf, 100V ..
Blue Trimmer
1.5-5pf, 100V ..
Out of stock
Brown Trimmer (9.8-60pf)
9.8-60pf, 100V ..
Out of stock
Orange Trimmer (6-50pf)
6-50pf, 50v ..
Out of stock
Red Trimmer (4.2-20pf)
4.2-20pf, 100V ..
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