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Product details of PANIC PERSONAL ALARM 85 dB (SC03) Securia
Always feel safe with the Smartwares SC03 Personal Alarm. The small compact alarm allows you to raise the alarm in case of emergency. The personal alarm makes you feel safe when walking home at night. Pull the pin out of the alarm and the loud 85 dB alarm will sound, causing other pedestrians to be alerted of your need for assistance.
Simply pull the Security Pin to activate the Alarm. The Pin is connected to a pull cord for easy access. FLASHLIGHT - Push the side button to activate the Flashlight for illumination with a bright and concentrated beam. Release the button and the light will go out
BELT CLIP AND KEY CHAIN to make the Alarm easy to carry, it comes with both a Belt Clip and Key Chain.

Specification of PANIC PERSONAL ALARM 85 dB (SC03) Securia
Feel safe with the personal alarm.
With the loud 85 dB alarm the personal alarm alerts peopl eof your need for assistance in an emergency.
Easy to take in your pocket, purse or on your keys.
Fast activation by pulling the pin out of the alarm.
Perfect for elderly people .

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