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Product details of LM2902N Low Power Quad Operational Amplifier DIP-14
This IC consists of four independent, high-gain operational amplifiers (op amps) which employ internal frequency compensation and are specifically designed for automotive and industrial control systems. The device operates from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. Operation from split power supplies is also possible and the low-power supply current drain is independent from the power supply voltage magnitude.

Specification of LM2902N Low Power Quad Operational Amplifier DIP-14
Wide Range of Supply Voltages: Single Supply . . . 3V to 30V (LM2902 and LM2902Q 3V to 26V), or Dual Supplies
Low Supply Current Drain Independent of Supply Voltage . . . 0.8mA Typ
Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Ground Allowing Direct Sensing Near Ground
Low Input Bias and Offset Parameters: (Input Offset Voltage . . . 3mV Typ) (A Versions . . . 2mV Typ)
(Input Offset Current . . . 2nA Typ) (Input Bias Current . . . 20nA Typ) (A Versions . . . 15nA Typ)
Differential Input Voltage Range Equal to Maximum-Rated Supply Voltage . . . 32V (26V for LM2902 and LM2902Q)
Open-Loop Differential Voltage (Amplification . . . 100 V/mV Typ)
Internal Frequency Compensation

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