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Product details IRF1407 75V 130A N-Channel Power MOSFET TO-220
IRF1407 is Specifically designed for Automotive applications, this Stripe Planar design of HEXFET® Power MOSFETs utilizes the latest processing techniques to achieve extremely low on-resistance per silicon area. Additional features of this HEXFET power MOSFET are a 175°C junction operating temperature, fast switching speed and improved repetitive avalanche rating. These benefits combine to make this design an extremely efficient and reliable device for use in Automotive applications and a wide variety of other applications.
Specification of IRF1407 75V 130A N-Channel Power MOSFET TO-220
Package Type: TO-220
Number of Channels: 1 Channel
Transistor Polarity: N-Channel
Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage (Vds): 75V
Continuous Drain Current (ID)-@25˚C: 130A
Power Dissipation (PD): 330 W
Drain-to-source Breakdown voltage (VDD): 75V [min]
Drain-to-source ON-Resistance (RDS): 7.8Ω [max]
Gate-to-Source Voltage (VGS): ±20 V
Operating Temperature Range: -55 - 175°C

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