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Product details of IR2112 High and Low Side Driver IC DIP-14
The IR2112 is a high voltage IC that acts as a MOSFET driver and IGBT driver. It has independent high and low side referenced output channels with a threshold voltage of 600 V. Bootstrap feature makes it compatible for high side driver applications.  Additionally,  it has Schmitt triggered inputs that are compatible to the standard CMOS and LSTTL outputs. IR2112 is basically a low and high side driver IC with a voltage range of 10V to 20V.

Specification of IR2112 High and Low Side Driver IC DIP-14
Mounting Type: Through Hole
Number of Drivers: 2
Output Peak Current Limit-Nom: 0.5A
Gate Type: IGBT, N-Channel MOSFET
High Side Driver: YES
Voltage - Supply: 10V~20V
Supply Voltage: 15V
Operating Temperature:-40°C~150°C

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