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USB LightBoard Touch Control Pure White 5050 SMD LED I005A

    1.Creative design, and generous shape
    2. using the LCD backlight bead, ultrathin, super light, safe
    3. Double random design, any surface insert USB interface can illume, convenient and practical
    4. The working current is only about 180 ma, less than 1 w, satisfies the requirement of lighting for a long time
    5. The appearance is compact, easy to carry, can be in the wallet, also can hang on the keys
    6. Strong commonality, ordinary USB device inserted can work normally

Note: since the USB lamp power consumption than effect is small, many with full automatic power of mobile power supply is not suitable for use, mobile power supply will think no load.Some of the computer operating system power management, not external power supply when there is no recognition to the device.

    1.The power supply voltage: 5 v
    2.current: 180 ma (5 v)
    3.Power: 0.9 W
    4. product size: 50 * 12 * 3.3 MM

3.Directions for use
    When electricity is ON state, long press the touch (more than 1.5 seconds) circulation dimming:
    A. If it is in the OFF state, long time since the minimum brightness cyclic dimmer
    B. if in the ON state, starting from the current brightness cyclic dimmer
    C. if cyclic dimmer transferred to the highest brightness to long press, automatic brightness adjustment to the bottom, transferred to the minimum brightness continue long press it again to the high brightness adjustment, adjust to the brightness of the need to loosen the fingers can be
    Long press circulation halfway to the dimming the dimming:
    Long press cycle in the process of the dimmer loosen the fingers, the brightness to stop in the current state, long press cycle again when the dimmer, the light direction to reverse the dimmer, the purpose of the reverse move light is in the process of long press dimming if brightness, to return to correction.