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Product details of DS12C887 Real Time Clock RTC IC DIP-18
This is a real-time clock IC. It is widely used to provide exact times and dates in many applications such as x86 IBM PC. This IC provides time components hour, minute, and second in addition to the date or calendar components of year, month, and day. It consists of an internal lithium battery which keeps the time and date updated even when the power is off. It has a very low power consumption. This DS12CC887 IC has a total of 128 bytes of nonvolatile RAM. It uses 14 bytes of RAM for storing the values of the clock/calendar and control registers. The rest 114 bytes of RAM are for general-purpose data storage.

Specification of DS12C887 RTC Real Time Clock IC DIP-18
Type: Clock/Calendar
Logic Function: Clock
Supply voltage: 4.5V to 5.5V
Power supply current: 15mA
Memory size: 114 bytes
Time format: HH:MM:SS (12/24 hr)
Date format: YY-MM-DD-dd
Interface: Parallel
Mount: Through Hole
Max Operating Temperature: 70 °C
12 or 24-hour clock with AM and PM in 12-hour mode
Dimensions: HxLxW 9.4x34.04x18.29mm

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