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Product details of 1N4148 100V 200MA Small Signal Fast Switching Diode DO-35
1N4148 diode is mainly used for quick switching purposes, so these are known as switching diodes. The main functionality of these diodes is the same as a normal switch. These diodes have high resistance under a fixed voltage whereas they have low resistance above the fixed voltage. It is frequently used in different switches which have a very quick operation for switching, high-speed rectification, protection of homes & telecommunication industries, etc. Perfect for converting 5V level logic to 3.3V level compatible logic. Connect two of these diodes in series between a 5V level device and a 3.3V level device to get a voltage drop of around 1.4V, effectively converting your 5V logic level to a 3.6V logic level which is usually acceptable on 3.3V logic level devices (check the specifications of your specific device to be sure).

Specification of 1N4148 100V 200MA Small Signal Fast Switching Diode DO-35
Series: 1N4148
Package/Case: DO-35
Mounting Style: Through Hole
Peak Reverse Voltage: 100V
Max Surge Current: 4A If - Forward Current: 0.3A
Reverse recovery time: 8ns
Operating Temperature: -65C +175C

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