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Product details of 32.768Mhz Quartz Crystal Oscillators HC-49S
Crystal Oscillator is an Electronics Oscillator circuit which uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to generate an electrical signal with an accurate frequency. It also has automatic amplitude control and frequency drift is also very low due to change in temperature. Crystal Oscillators are only suitable for high-frequency application.

Specification of 32.768Mhz Quartz Crystal Oscillators HC-49S
Frequency: 32.768Mhz
Load Capacitance: 20pF
Stability: +/- 50ppm
Package: HC-49S
Size: 11 x 3 mm/ 0.43" x 0.12"(L*W)
Mount Height: 4mm / 0.16"
Material: Metal & Electronic Parts

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