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Product details of E4009 4mm Insulated Cord End Tube Terminal White
The E4009 is an insulated cable ferrule. This cord end terminal consists of a tinned copper hollow tube with a nylon insulating sleeve. It is designed to provide a neat end termination to multi-stranded wires. They also provide a secure connection to terminal blocks, captive terminals, and stop wire strands short circuiting to adjacent connectors.
Easy to connect with electrical wire and strengthen its reliability and safety.For terminating stranded wire into terminal blocks. It is often used to cover the wire after peeling to increase the contact area and achieve better power-on effect.
Specification of E4009 4mm Insulated Cord End Tube Terminal White
Model NO: E4009
Design: Tube Type
Maximum Voltage Rating: 600V @ 105°C
Maximum Current Rating: 12A
Terminal: Ring Terminal
Material: Plastic, Metal
Color: White
Cable Size: 4mm2 12AWG

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