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Product details of NSS-468A  RJ-45 RJ45 RJ-11 RJ-12 Ethernet Network Cable Tester
Master BS-468 RJ45 RJ11 Computer Network Cable Tester is easy to use and understandable. Tester tests the functionality of network cables with twisted pair, straight and crossover wire configurations.  Resolving network connectivity issues is often a mere process of elimination.  This network cable tester helps determine whether or not a network cable is the source of the problem. To use, connect one end of the network cable to the "Master" controller and the other end to the "Remote".  Turn the switch found on the Master controller to the on position to begin testing.  If the network cable is working properly, the Master controller and the Remote will illuminate sequentially with green lights.  When testing cables with RJ-11 connectors, lights 1 through 6 should illuminate.  When testing cables with RJ-45 connectors, lights 1 through 8 should illuminate. Easy to verify cable continuity, open, short and miss-wire with remote kit, it can remotely test cable up to 1000 ft in length either on wall plate or patch panel

Specification of RJ-45 RJ45 RJ-11 RJ-12 Ethernet Network Cable Tester
Required Battery: 9V
Test correct pin configuration of 10/100 Base-T 10Basc-2 Thin Ethernet cable, RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 modular cables AT & T 258A, TIA-568A/568B, Cat 5 etc
Can test for grounding
Auto scan with 2 speeds for pin-out indicators
A power switch for saving battery power
English manual.

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