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Product details of PVC Insulated U-Type Crimp 3.5-5 6mm lugs Yellow
Electricians are using different types of cable lugs on the electrical cables that provides strong connection between cable and equipment. There are four types of cable connectors are commonly used in electrical construction. Ring type lug, U type lug and Pin type lug and Boot lace type are the four types of lugs popularly used by electricians. The component is used for connecting cable to the electrical  equipment. It is designed for easy installation and remove for repairing or maintenance works. It also provides proper cable fixing identity. After fixing lug to the equipment does not occur any problem like spark or cable burning.

Specification of PVC Insulated U-Type Crimp 3.5-5 6mm lugs Yellow
Lug Type: U-Type
Contact Material: Copper
Insulated: Yes
Insulation Material: PVC
Color: Yellow
Fit Cable Size: 4-6mm2 (A.W.G 12-10)
Stud Size: 11.0mm
Max Wire Size: 6.0mm2
Overall Length: 25mm
Dimension(mm): B: 8.0, L: 25.0, F: 6.5, d: 5.5

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