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Product details of 5-Pin 16mm Panel Mount Cannon Aviation Connector (Male/Female)
Contact of circular aviation socket is made of copper silver plated, with premium electrical conductivity. The male female aviation connector plug comes with different pin configuration, the voltage is AC DC 250V, and the vibration frequency is 10-100Hz. Useful in firm contact applications where you can not afford to loose the connection. It is panel mount type connector with male end mounted on the panel and female connector usually plugs into it. A simple secure mechanism ensures that the connection is held tight. Used widely in aviation, data acquisition systems, inclinometer, computer automation measurement and control systems,  audio/video, test and measurement, communications, etc.

Specification of 5-Pin 16mm Panel Mount Cannon Aviation Connector (Male/Female)
No of contact: 5-Pin
Rated voltage: 250V
Rated current: 5A
Total Length: 48mm / 1.9";
Outer Diameter: 16mm / 0.62"
Vibration: vibration frequency 10 ~ 100Hz, acceleration 100m/s2
Environment Temperature: -50~+70℃.

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