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Product details of 4-Pin GX16 Panel Mount Cannon Aviation Connector (Male/Female) with Flange
The GX Connector series is suitable for electrical connection between instrumentation and electronic equipment, the interconnection between wires and cables, or wall partition connection. GX series offers threaded connection, stable electrical conductivity, and a certain degree of water resistant function, safe and reliable connection, popularly used in the aviation field to where the connectors are subjected to movement or vibrations. With the development of production technology and the reduction of costs, the civilian sector has begun to use this connector. Is now widely used in aviation, navigation, computer, communications, petroleum exploration, navigation, anti-theft devices, transportation, machinery and electronics and other products.

Specification of 4-Pin GX16 Panel Mount Cannon Aviation Connector (Male/Female) with Flange
No of contact: 4-Pin
Rated Current & voltage : 4A - 125 V
Operating limit voltage (AC Vrms) : 200 V
Rated Temperature : -60 ~ 200 ℃
Insulation Resistance (At DC 500V) : 2000 MΩ
Contact Resistance (At DC 1A) : 3 MΩ
Solder inter Diameter : 1.15 mm

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