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Car Board Audio Module Bluetooth FM Radio MP3 WMA 12V USB

100% brand new and high quality
With bluetooth audio receiver module,
when cell phone and bluetooth module matching connection,
the MP3 or nondestructive APE files via bluetooth sent to
the product of the bluetooth receiver module to play,
which has greatly helped the function of the product and entertainment.
This product also be like ordinary MP3 decoder board,
play U disk or TF card MP3 files,as well as the radio broadcast.
(This product without bluetooth calling function,with no power amplifier,
only connect to an external amplifier can it use)

support signal switch directly.Support USB, TF
support bluetooth (Bluetooth3.0 EDR) (after been paired with mobile phones can realize wireless music play)
support USB/TF/Bluetooth/FM/LINE switch.MP3/WMA,WAV lossless music decoding chip.
support USB/TF card switch,PREV,NEXT,fast forward,fast rewind,
volume,EQ,play/pause,stop,single repeat,mute, shutdown and direct election.
support Bluetoot PREV,NEXT,volume,EQ,play/pause,mute,turn it off.
support FAT16,FAT32 file system.Support for MP1 Layer3,MP2 Layer3,MP3 Layer3 version of the song.
Support 32-320 KBPS MP3 songs.

support power off memory function: memory play songs and volume before power off.
Note: Non-smart phones (android) have to enter the password - 0000
    Decoding board play mode instruction
    Decoding board in the absence of memory card or U disk,boot default to "audio input" mode,the screen display LINE
    Press "MODE" key on the panel or the remote control switch to bluetooth MODE,the screen shows "BLUE",can open bluetooth search connection at this time
    Press "MODE" key on the panel or the remote control switch to radio MODE,the screen display FM radio frequency,long press "PLAY" button automatic searching channel
    Press "MODE" key on the panel or the remote control switch to the U disk or memory card "play MODE",the screen displays the time schedule of the song

    The remote control instruction:
    POWER: STANDBY button cannot switch.
    MODE: TF card and U disk: switching sequence for USB→TF→Bluetooth→FM→AUX;Only U disk: switching sequence for USB→Bluetooth→FM→AUX;Only the TF card: switching sequence for TF→Bluetooth→FM→AUX;There is no USB and TF card: switching sequence for FM→AUX→Bluetooth.
    PREV: In USB/TF/Bluetooth MODE,short press for PREV;In the USB/SD MODE,long press for fast rewind;In FM MODE, short press for last channel,long press for scan search last channel.
    NEXT: In USB/TF/Bluetooth MODE,short press for NEXT;In USB/TF MODE,long press for fast forward;In FM MODE,short press for next channel,long press for scan search the next channel.
    VOL + : short/long press for music. VOL - : short/long press for music.
    REP:In USB/TF MODE,is the switch key between single repeat and whole cycle when play music,boot for all cycle.
    STOP: In the USB/TF MODE,short press to STOP the music play.
    MUTE: MUTE,press for MUTE,press again for relieve(also can relieve by VOL- /VOL+).
    PLAY/PAUSE: In USB/SD/Bluetooth MODE for PLAY/PAUSE;In the FM MODE,long press for searching all channels and save.

    Installation pitch: 92 mm wide
    Installation hole: 83 x 20 x 38 mm
    Overall dimensions: 107(W) *25(H) * 38(deep)mm
    Input voltage:7-12V

Package Included:
1 x Decoding board
1 x The remote control
1 x 2P plug wire with power supply reverse connection protection
1 x 3P audio plug thread

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