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Product details of 47uF 47000nF 476 25V Tantalum Capacitors DIP
Tantalum capacitors possess a greater volumetric efficiency as compared to other capacitors. As an example, you can use a 10uF tantalum in place of a 100uF aluminum capacitor.
In addition, tantalum capacitors can be easily mounted on circuit boards. Taking into consideration tantalum capacitors superior power dissipation characteristics especially as compared to other capacitors in this size, they can be mounted in smaller spaces making them a good choice for tight designs. It is for this reason that tantalum capacitors are frequently used in laptop and notebook computers, cell phones, auto circuitry and many other electronic devices.

Specification of 47uF 47000nF 476 25V Tantalum Capacitors DIP
Capacitance (uF): 47uF 47000nF 476
Voltage: 25V
Tolerance (%): 10
Mounting: Through Hole
Lead/Terminal Type: Radial
Number Leads/Terminals: 2
Material: Tantalum
Color: Mustard
Temperature: -55 to 125°C
Pitch (mm): 5.08
Termination Method: Solder

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