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Product details of 5A Range ACS712 ACS712_ELC-5A Module Current Sensor Module
The ACS712 is a fully integrated, hall effect-based linear current sensor with 2.1kVRMS voltage isolation and a integrated low-resistance current conductor. Technical terms aside, it’s simply put forth as a current sensor that uses its conductor to calculate and measure the amount of current applied. These ACS712 module can measure current AC or DC current ranging from +5A to -5A, +20A to -20A and +30A to -30A. You have to select the right range for your project since you have to trade off accuracy for higher range modules. This modules outputs Analog voltage (0-5V) based on the current flowing through the wire; hence it is very easy to interface this module with any microcontroller. So if you are looking for a module to measure current using a microcontroller for you project, then this module might be the right choice for you.

Specification of 5A Range ACS712 ACS712_ELC-5A Module Current Sensor Module
The current sensor chips: ACS712 ELC-5A;
Supply Voltage: 4.5V-5.5VDC
Pin 5V power supply, on-board power indicator;
The module can measure the positive and negative 30 amps, corresponding to the analog output 66mV / A;
No test current through the output voltage is VCC / 2;
PCB board size: 33 (mm) x14 (mm);

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