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Product details of 4.7uH CDRH127 Shielded SMD Power Inductors 12x12x7mm
An SMD Power Inductor is used to store energy while also filtering EMI currents with a low-loss inductance for voltage conversion applications. It is built by winding a length of wire in a cylindrical bobbin and securing it in a specially made ferrite housing forms, shielded surface mount inductor. These inductors are specially designed for PCB mounted applications and the shielding is there to reduce EMI and noise from the inductor and also to be able to use in a high-density design.

Specification of 4.7uH CDRH127 Shielded SMD Power Inductors 12x12x7mm
Inductance: 4.7µH
Tolerance: ±10%
Package/Case: SMD
Mounting Type: SMD/SMT
Structure of Winding:     Single Coil
Core Material: Ferrite
Inductor Type: Fixed Power Inductor
Type: Power Choke
Operating Temperature: -55 to +125 degrees Celsius

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