Ultra Mini Super Sensitive Spy Microphone 8GB Digital Voice Recorder MP3 Player

This ultra mini digital voice recorder, housed in aluminium this sub-miniature recorders dimensions of 45mm x 18mm x 5mm and weight of only 7 grammes is very impressive. What's more impressive is the super sensitive microphone that recorded my voice even when in another room. 

It works for all types of use, for example in a meeting you can have this in your pocket and still record perfect conversations. You could leave it almost anywhere as it does not even look like a voice recorder. One thing is for sure, it will record every sound crystal clear in virtually any situation you care to use it. This recorder the battery lasted for 8 hours recording and 8 hours on playback.

It is very simple to use, to record a single switch turns on and starts the recorder and playback you just insert the headphones. Connects to any PC via a USB lead and can be charged and downloaded from the same lead. It's absolutely a real practical and reliable voice recorder.

- High capacity rechargeable battery
- USB storage write protection
- 8GB lasting about 96 hours
- Telephone Recorder Adapter
- Long distance recording
- Intelligent noise reduction, built-in mic with high sensitivity
- Inteligent Voice control
- Fast charging, full charge within 30mins
- Good durability, can bear weight up to 200kg
- One-key recording, easy to operate
- Automatic storing when in power failure

1. Battery: Lithium battery
2. Music Format: MP3/WMA/WAV
3. Sampling Frequency 48Khz
4. Recording Format: WAV
5. Continuous Recording Time: About 13 hrs
6. Continuous Play Time: About 8 hrs
7. Bits Rate: 192Kbps
8. Dimensions: 45mm x 18mm x 5mm
9. Weight: 95g