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Product details of CH340G USB 2.0 To TTL / COM UART TTL Module Programmer 6-Pin
This is CH340G USB To TTL(Serial) Converter, USB to TTL / USB-TTL /STC microcontroller programmer / PL2303 in nine upgrades plate with a transparent cover Compatible with ARDUINO, RASPBERRY PI, AVR, PIC, 8051, etc. This USB–TTL converter is based on CH340G USB to Serial TTL converter chip. The module can be used for 3.3V logic level signals, the and has the option to switch from 5V to 3.3V logic level using a 2 pin shunt supplied with the module.

Specification of CH340G USB 2.0 To TTL / COM UART TTL Module Programmer 6-Pin
Control chip: CH340G
Working voltage: 4V-5.25V
Built-in USB to TTL Transfer chip.
Designed to be used for USB to TTL electronic projects.
TTL interface output, easy to connect to your MCU.
Dual 3.3V and 5V Power output, work with 3.3v and 5 V target device.
The mini-module is designed specifically for STC download and ARDUINO PRO supports all series of STC.
Supports WIN7/VISTA/MAC/LINUX(32 bit /64-bit system).

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