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Product details of BSS138 50V 200mA Logic Level N-Channel MOSFET SOT-23
he BSS138 is a low resistance (3.5 ohms) and low input capacitance (40 pF) logic-level N-channel MOSFET in the SMD package. MOSFETs can also switch at a high speed of 20 ns. Due to their higher switching speed and low threshold voltage, these MOSFETs are mostly used in level shifting circuits.

It is a compact N-channel logic level MOSFET with a very low threshold voltage of 0.5 Volts, which makes it suitable for all low voltage and level shift applications. These MOSFETs also have low input capacitance and low on-resistance, making them efficient for switching circuits. Due to their compactness, these MOSFETs are commonly used in portable devices such as cell phones and other power management circuits.

Specification of BSS138 50V 200mA Logic Level N-Channel MOSFET SOT-23
Model Number: BSS138
Package/Case: SOT-23
FET Type: N-Channel
Mounting Type: Surface Mount
Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss): 50V
Continuous Drain Current (ID): 220mA
Power Dissipation: 360mW
Operating Temperature: -55°C TO +125°C
Power Dissipation (Max): 1.4W

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