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Product details of 1-Digit 7-Segment CA Red (1.3x1.9cm)
1-Digit 7-Segment CA Red (1.3x1.9cm) Display is ideally suited to adding a display to your project. Common Anode Display is compatible with prototyping boards such as the MB-102 which feature standard sockets with a pin pitch of 2.54mm. This module lets you display your information in a bold and bright way, taking your project to new levels of display, writing all manners of numbers and words with numbers from 0-9, A-F, and –.
Common anode means that the anode (positive) side of all of the LEDs are electrically connected at one pin, and each LED cathode has its own pin. So turning on any particular segment will involve running a current from this common anode (positive) pin to the particular cathode (negative) pin for the desired segment.

Specification of 1-Digit 7-Segment CA Red (1.3x1.9cm)
Digit Size: 1.3x1.9cm
Number of pins: 10 pins, which 2 of them are common anode pins.
Display type: single 7-segment
Wavelenght: 700nm
Luminous intensity: 5mcd
Character height: 14.2mm
Polarity: CA (Common Anode)
Forward Voltage Vf: 2.2V
Forward current IF: 30mA
Reverse voltage Vr: 5V
Power Pd: 100mW
Mounting: THT

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