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Mini alarm MA-20

The MA20 Mini PIR Keypad Alarm is the ideal product when more than one person needs to access a certain property and therefore can be given the keypad codes. You will find that this product is suitable for homes, sheds, garages, caravans and general security. The MA20 alarm gives great versatility and has a number of applications. The Keypad Shed Alarm can be used as a traditional alarm as the mounting bracket is swivel connected to the alarm body, thus allowing complete control of the area that is covered. This product is simple and very effective. The movement sensor has an approximate range of 6m covering a 20 degree angle on the vertical and 60 degrees on the horizontal. When set, the alarm is activated by the sensor when movement is detected. Once the alarm has been triggered, the alarm will operate for 30 seconds before re-arming and waiting for further movement.

Key Features
- User programmable codes
- Versatile design – Have it Wall mounted or free standing
- Exit Delay 30 seconds
- Entry Delay 10 seconds
- Auto rest alarm to avoid false trigger
- No wiring – installation in seconds
- Dual powered:
-Battery – 4 x AA alkaline (included)
- Mains Using an AC adaptor (optional)
- Low battery indicator
- Detection Area 6m long, 60 degrees horizontal, 20 degrees vertical
- External siren socket

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