PIC Lab-II USB is a compact, yet very powerful development board for 28 pin Microchip PIC microcontrollers. This board has a number of pre-built external devices that are commonly required in development processes. All devices can be connected or disconnected using DIP switches, thereby freeing the microcontroller I-O lines. These lines can then be used through available headers for your expansion card.


  1. Supports all 28 Pin PIC Microcontrollers (PIC18F2550 is Preferred)
  2. USB 2.0 full Speed Support through 18F2550
  3. Character LCD Interface (HD44780 based, 16x2, 16x4 or 20 x4 LCDs supported)
  4. 3 user programmable Push switches
  5. 1 reset Switch that can be programmed to be used as user switch through appropriate register settings
  6. I2C EEPROM (24Cxx series)
  7. I2C Real time clock (DS1307) with battery backup
  8. Dalas One wire protocol (DS18B20) (Optional)
  9. 2 channels of PWM through Lo pass filter and OP amp giving clean analog output
  10. 38KHz IR remote sensor
  11. 1 user programmable LED
  12. One channel of analog Input with voltage divider and zener diode protection
  13. One SPDT 10A Relay
  14. Pre-amplifier with output feeding T0CKI for counting external pulses (frequency counter for example)
  15. 20MHz Crystal Oscillator, internal circuit runs at 48MHz using HS-PLL configuration
  16. In Circuit programming header for PICkit-2 or ICD-2
  17. Dual power supply, from external 9V DC adapter or through USB (selectable power source)
  18. 13 DIP switches to connect or disconnect these devices.
  19. All I-O lines are available through headers for expansion to daughter boards, along with 5V power supply.
  20. Standard double sided FR4 PCB with plated through holes
  21. Dimensions 3x4 inches

NOTE: Controller and power adaptor are not included in this package.

Tags: pic, lab-ii, usb