Robo-1 development board is a PIC microcontroller based board with features specifically designed to assist robotic or motor driven applications. The board can be used as a general purpose microcontroller board with a number of on-board features.

  1. 40 Pin PIC Microcontroller based board (18F452) included
  2. 20 MHz Crystal Oscillator (18F452, can PLL this to 48MHz internally)
  3. 2 push switches on PORTB (RB0 and RB1) Both are external interrupts
  4. Reset switch
  5. HD44780 based character LCD interface with back light (LCD optional)
  6. MAX232 based USART interface (Also allows use of bootloader, programming without need of external programmer)
  7. Buzzer
  8. 4 Status LEDs
  9. L293D Dual H-Bridge Motor driver with individual control of two independent DC Motors, or one Bipolar / Unipolar stepper Motor, 600mA per driver output. 
  10. ULN 2803A 8 channel Darligton array to drive upto 500mA DC load like relays, two stepper motors etc.
  11. 38 KHz Infra red remote control sensor
  12. 2 channels for driving IR-LEDs or any other load upto 100mA
  13. 2 channels of Analog IR-sensor or any other Resitive type of sensors, like LDR, Thermister etc.
  14. 8 channels of external Input-Output  (All channels can be individually configured as digital through software, RA0, RA1,RA2,RA3,RE0,RA5, RB6, RB7)
  15. 6 of these I-O lines can be used as Analog input.
  16. External Power supply upto 30V for DC motors / steppers / ULN driver
  17. The power source for DC motors / steppers can be selected as external separate supply, or from the same supply powering microcontroller board.
  18. Digital / Analog Inputs, have header for 5V (VDD) and GND to easily connect external devices. 
  19. Both Power supplies are protected by Diode to avoid reversed ploarity
  20. On board 5V regulator for microcontroller supply
  21. In circuit serial programming (ICSP) Bootloader supported, can be used to program through serial port. USB-Serial converters are supported.

Motors and sensors are optional.