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GENIUS G840 is a newst member of the GENIUS programmer family. 

   1. 40 pins accurate entire actuation.   
   2. Completely software update. The users enjoy the lifelong  suport for software update.It need only to download the latest software on our site .
   3. On-line programming and off-line programming.Convenient for batch programming.  
   4. Touch key. You may not need to click on the mouse.The touch key can never be damaged and more convenient.  
   5. Contacting detection.The misoperation,e.g.the poor conecting between the IC and the sockt or error placing,will be detected and the operation will stop automatically..  
   6. The operating result displays in three ways:Programming software,LED lamp and optional buzzing.  
   7. Dual power supply. When on-line programming, , the power supply by the USB is usually ok, no need to use the external power. But the external power supply is necessary if the USB is power deficit. When off-line operation , the externat power supply is your exclusice choice ( 9V1000mA  ).  
   8.Programming device's perfect self-protection
   9. The pocket-sized and compact outward, provides the good visual effect and a more convenient carries

GENIUS G840 supports: