PIC PG-III is a multi-PIC programmer. It is based upon popular JDM design. However modified a little bit to address the issue of VPP-First programming.

PICPG-III can be used as stand-alone programmer or used as In Circuit Programmer. It has a header that complies with microchip standard. If your board supports In Circuit programming, just connect this header to your board using a 6+6 Molex cable. You will not need to remove the controller from its circuit.

In case you want to use it as stand-alone programmer, multiple sized PIC microcontroller can be inserted into the ZIF socket. There are two positions at which microcontroller's pin 1 should be inserted.

1: Pin 1 (row 1) of ZIF socket (away from Handle) see detailed image

2: Pin 11 (Row 11) of ZIF socket.

There is a switch (SW-2) near the ZIF socket. Positionining it leftwards selects 40/28 pin microcontrollers. These microocntrollers should be inserted at location 1.

Positioning the switch rightwards selects all other microntrollers. These should be inserted at location 2. regardless of their size.

This programmer dos not require an external power supply. It generates all necessary volts from the serial port. However in case you are programming through In circuit header, the target board might drain lots of current, so target board must have its own supply ON.

Note: This programmer requires a hardware serial port, and does not work with USB to Serial converters.


VPP First Programming

Many microcontrollers also support an internal oscillator. This esentially free's two I-O lines as well as reduce external components. Programming such controllers with JDM programmer was difficult. If internal oscillator is selected, the controller gets programmed first time, but on repeat programming, it fails.

The reason is that as soon as programmer applies VCC (Power) the already programmed controller statts executing it and then fails to respond to VPP volts. The solution to this problem is to apply VPP first and then VCC. This delay is obtained on PIC PG-III through a third transistor.

There is a jumper SW-1 close to ICSP header. Placing a short circuit jumper on this would apply VPP First.

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