PIC Lab-II is a development board for Microchip PIC 40 pin devices. The board has most commonly required devices on board. All I-O lines are available for interfacing with external boards. The On-Board devices can be disconnected to free the I-O lines. This board can be used as a trainer as well as development board, where you can concentrate on your project, and leave the microcontroller part to this board. If required the on board devices can be used in your project.


  • On Board 5V regulated supply
  • Supports All 40 Pin PIC Microcontrollers
  • 20 MHz Oscillator (18F devices can PLL upto 48MHz)
  • 8 LED indicators
  • 5 Push switches
  • 38 KHz IR remote control sensor
  • I2C  EEPROM Support
  • HD44780 Character LCD Module 
  • USART with MAX232 level converter
  • Pizo Buzzer Support
  • In Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP)
  • Fully compatible with Microchip ICD-2 and PicKit-2 Debuggers
  • All I-O Lines available through individual headers grouped as PORTS along with power supply
  • Special headers for:
    • Analog Input along with power supply (2 Channles)
    • PWM along with Power supply (1 Channel)
    • External clock interrupt Input along with Power (T0CKI)

All 40 Pin PIC microcontrollers support self programming. Therefore this board can be loaded with a suitable boot-loader program. Then you can reprogram the controller using serial port, without the need of an external programmer. This can also be done with USB to serial converters as well.

Matrix Keypad can be easily plugged into the port  headers.

NOTE: Controller and power adaptor are not included in this package.

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