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DS3231 AT24C32 IIC precision Real time clock memory module


NOTICE:This item dose not include battery because it's not safe for shipping.
Size: 38 mm (length) * 22 mm (width) * 14 mm (high)
Weight: 8 g
Working voltage: 3.3-5.5 V
Clock chip: high precision clock chip DS3231
Clock precision: 0-40 ℃ range, precision 2 PPM, in error about 1 minute a year
With two calendar clock
Programmable square wave output
Real-time clock generate second, minute, hour, week, date, month, and year when the timer, and provide the valid until 2100 leap year compensation
The chip itself Built-in temperature sensors, the accuracy is ±3 ℃
Memory chips: AT24C32 (storage capacity :32 k)
IIC bus interface, the highest speed 400 KHZ (when the working voltage is 5 v)
Can cascade Other IIC equipment, 24 c32 address can be modified by short circuit A0 / A1 / A2 , the default address is 0x57
Wiring instructions (with the example of Arduino uno r3) :
SCL → A5 The
SDA → A4 The
VCC → 5 V

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