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VMR6512 Hi-Fi Audio FM Transmitter Module


●Broadcast standard sound quality

●Fully integrated encapsulation, it can work without any external components. 

●Audio frequency processed by DSP, guaranting high quality sound 

●Using frequency synthetic technology, high stability of oscillation frequency 

●Output power adjustable. (up to 115dBuV) 

●Frequency range is 88.0MHz to 108.0MHz, low-end can be extended to 76.0MHz upon request. 

●It can input analog audio or digital audio 

●It possesses external UART interface and can be easily controlled by external CPU or PC machines 

●It provides frequency setting UP / DOWN input and can be used independently.


●Hi-Fi wireless headphone 

●MP3 audio transponder in the car 

●Wireless microphones 

●Conference Broadcasting System

●– In building music broadcasting

● In park music broadcasting

●Accessories of audio-visual entertainment equipment 

●Radio station in campus