A beginner needs basic circuitry along with few supporting devices to experiment with microcontroller programming. This kit has everything, rather more than a starter kit. 

Easy PIC-III has been designed around 18-pin PIC microcontrollers. Two most commonly used controllers in this case are, 16F628A and 16F819. The 16F819 has the advantage that it has built-in Analog to digital converter module, so you can plug-in an LM35 temperature sensor or some other analog source with this kit.


  • On Board 5V regulated power supply
  • Supports all 18-Pin PIC microcontrollers
  • 20 MHz crystal oscillator
  • Character LCD Module 
  • Buzzer
  • Low current DC Module (200 mA), can drive brush-less DC Fan or a small relay.
  • 4 status LED indicators
  • one channel Analog or digital input with power supply (header)
  • 38KHz Infra red remote control sensor
  • In Circuit Programming (You do not have to remove the control to program it, external programmer however is required, see Related products below)
  • 2 Push switches
  • USART Serial port for PC communication with MAX232 level converter

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