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DSO138 2.4 TFT Digital Oscilloscope Acrylic R2C0

DSO138 2.4 TFT Digital Oscilloscope Acrylic R2C0
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DSO138 2.4 TFT Digital Oscilloscope Acrylic R2C0

Product desceiption:

Training for electronic production , complete detailed descriptive information ,
including schematics , production guidance , instructions ,
troubleshooting methods , etc., making a high success rate .
Component species diversity for students to identify elements ,
inline elements welding, soldering SMD components training.
Students can get in at the same time making a practical tool
for audio, video synchronization , low-frequency switching power supply ,
infrared receiver transmitter signal waveform and many other occasions,
effectively observed and measured , increased interest in learning, improve learning outcomes .
Kits using ARM Cortex-M3 processor (STM32F103C8),
and includes a 2.4 -inch color TFT display can be used as test ARM development board .
Available source , the ability of a friend can be secondary development kit based on ,
for example, it can be changed to Millivoltmeter , data loggers , and so on .
Circuit is simple , reliable , inexpensive


Maximum real-time sampling rate : 1Msps
Accuracy : 12Bit
Sampling buffer depth : 1024 bytes
Analog bandwidth : 0 - 200KHz
Vertical Sensitivity : 10mV / Div - 5V / Div ( 1-2-5 progressive manner )
Adjustable vertical displacement , and with instructions
Input impedance : 1MΩ
Maximum input voltage : 50Vpp (1: 1 probe ), 400Vpp (10: 1 probe )
Coupling modes include DC / AC / GND
The horizontal time base range : 10μs / Div - 50s / Div ( 1-2-5 progressive manner )
With automatic, regular and one-shot mode , easy to capture the moment waveform
Available rising or falling edge trigger
Adjustable trigger level position , and with instructions
Observable trigger waveform before ( negative delay )
Can freeze at any time waveform display (HOLD function )
Comes 1Hz /3.3V square wave test signal source

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DSO138 2.4 TFT Digital Oscilloscope Acrylic R2C0
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